If you have a question you think I can answer, by all means ask away.

10 Responses to Questions??

  1. blueheron98 says:

    Hi Bob!

    We have been traveling a lot. On our way back to Las Vegas soon, the trial is in February.
    Hey, we found a better place to get RV Repairs done… at Texas Custom Coach. It is located between Boerne and Bandera, and they are not as expensive. They do a lot of remodeling work as well. And if you are in the market for a Prevost (don’t we wish) they do custom conversions here. They did the best annual maintenance ever on our hydro-hot.

    How are things going out in the oil patch? I’ve been reading your posts.

    Take care,


  2. Texas Heat says:

    I responded to Gary via email. New posts coming.


  3. Gary says:

    Hi there,
    Really enjoy your blog, but haven’t seen any posts from Dec. Come on, get busy! 🙂 We are also gate guards and I enjoy all the info I read on these blogs. Thanks


  4. Mark Bass says:

    Whoops-I must have left a space in the link to my blog. Sorry. Here’s a correct version.


  5. Mark Bass says:

    Hello! We work for GGS out of Whitset, TX. We are on a gate near Gillett, TX and enjoy your blog.
    My blog can be found at http://workamping .


  6. Nice job on the blog. Enjoyed your observations and writing immensely.
    My wife has doubts about the wireless services in the “hinterlands”. How do you do it?


    • Texas Heat says:

      As I mentioned in an email. in areas where signals are weak or almost non-existant, a signal magnifier such as those from Wilson, are used.

      Keep reading the blog. I read your blog and enjoyed it. I just subscribed to it. Love the pics.


  7. Texas Heat says:

    Glad you enjoy and thanks for the comment.


  8. Rich L says:

    Thank you for all the pictures of the equipment and what they are used for. Keep up the great Blog. Rich L


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