“I’m very accepting with my age. It’s like notches on my belt. Experience…and a different kind of beauty.” – Joe Saldana

I’m tired. Tired of all the vitriol and abrasive human interaction. Recently this weariness, calmly, came over me. Like a quiet thought.

As I listened to another mind numbing bashing on TV, it came over me.

As I dealt with yet another senseless personal disagreement with another human being on some inane matter, it came over me.

Being at odds with any human beings has, at this moment in my life, finally breached my willingness to engage in controversy.

Seems to me that true compassion, real understanding, and real civil action can be achieved without another person’s approval.

I’ve now crossed the threshold to the whatever stage of my life.

 “If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful.” – Sofia Loren

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