A Guy and His Rolls Royce.

“Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, but no one can agree on what it is.” – Diane Ackerman

Another day at my part time gig. Managing a local car wash.

As I pull up to the Crystal Clean Car Wash, I see a guy washing what looks like a Rolls Royce in bay one.

Now that was an odd sight I had to check out.

He was scrubbing the tires as I walked up and asked: “Is that a Rolls Royce?” That was the catalyst to a very interesting and surprising conversation.

It was indeed a Rolls Royce. A 2004 model with 75,000 miles on it. With a V-12 engine that got 17 mpg.

It was beautiful. Not a scratch on it. And his pride was obvious as he gave me the tour. As he opened the doors an explosion of real leather and wood washed over my eyes.


The conversation eventually evolved into life growing up in Tulsa and family.

He was especially proud of his son who was an extremely gifted athlete. He excelled in all sports but especially Soccer.He played on U.S. World Cup teams as well as professionally in the English Premiere League.

And he was inducted into the U.S. College Hall of Fame. Very impressive for a guy from Tulsa, OK.

He even owned the Tulsa Roughnecks for several years.

All in all he was a super nice guy and it was my pleasure meeting him.

I hope he remembers me in his will. Just kidding.

So……if you happen upon a guy in a self-service car wash washing a Rolls Royce…………talk to him. You never know.

“Sometimes you just stumble into something that works…” – Pat Sajak

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