“I’m so old I put tenderizer on my pudding.”

I have gone 78 revolutions around the Sun. 78!!

Only to come Face to face with an enemy. A tried and true nemesis.


Senior citizens fall in slow motion. Ever notice that?

Watch an old person fall. They take forever to hit the ground.

I know. I did.

I defied gravity. Eventually it won but before I bounced off the floor I had time to think.

Recently I strolled over to the counter stool and sat.

I’m sure you’ve experienced that moment when equilibrium leaves and arm waving leads to that moment you realize all is not right with your world.

I plop my butt on the stool a bit too casually. A big mistake.

I am falling.

And the fall won’t be denied. I will hit the ground. I give in.

And begin to think:

Will this hurt?

I hope nobody sees this.

And then………………Bonk. I hit.

I take stock of the situation.

Wow. I feel ok.

God, I hope no one saw this. Wait! I just defied death and my only concern is whether anyone witnessed this incredibly clumsy act.

Priorities you know. Priorities.

“In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”  – Tom Bodet

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