The Recliner

“It is better to give than lend, and it costs about the same.” – Phillip Gibbs

“We’re just waiting for you to get out of that chair.”

Those words were spoken to me last evening and caused me to laugh out loud.


The vast majority of us, as we age, slow down. We don’t admit it till we are forced. But alas, that day comes with inevitable certainty.

So I’m 76 and staring 77 in the eye. Ah yes baby, I am in the advanced aging process.

You should see me getting out of our 2012 Chevy Malibu. The procedure almost requires the Jaws of Life. Strength that I don’t have, agility, balance, time, space, and determination.

That is a rather long list of requirements just to exit a damn automobile. I should make a video of it and send it to AFV.


We have this thing where every night before I go to bed Gaby, Ann, and I engage in a group hug. Ends the day on a high note.

Last night, after a routine evening of TV, dinner, and general B.S., I ran out of gas and announced:

“Group Hug. Time for Daddy to call it a day.”

Several minutes into the extraction from my extremely comfortable recliner I notice the girls aren’t moving.

Hey ladies, I asked for a group hug.

Hey Dad, we’re just waiting for you to get out of that chair.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.– Ernest Hemmingway

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1 Response to The Recliner

  1. SHL2 says:

    We sold my mustang a few years ago for that very reason. Getting in was easy getting out forget it. I have a pickup truck now and I thought that was the solution but crawling up in it is an issue I think it gets taller overnight lol.

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