People and Their Toys

“Be nice to jerks because we still don’t know the criteria for getting into heaven” – Maya Rudolph

I got a call from the main entrance to take a lady to her car.

Arrived at the entrance and an elderly lady with a big smile got in the shuttle.

Along the way, we made small talk. She was engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed the repartee.

The garage holds 800 automobiles. As we approached it I asked her the make and color of her car.

Silver Mercedes sedan she replied. It’s parked in the fourth row against the back wall.

I navigated the twists and turns and shortly arrived at a beautiful, silver, sparkling new Mercedes sedan.Image result for pics of 2019 mercedes benz

Wow. I love Mercedes cars and I’m sure I began to turn green with envy.

That is a beautiful car. How do you like it?

It’s OK.

Just OK I asked dumbfounded. Just OK? Are you kidding me?

It gets me around but I liked my BMW better. I should have bought another one.

And then there was Cindy from Arkansas. What a hoot she was.

As I was taking her to her car, she regaled me with tales of cruising the hills of Oklahoma in her Lexus hard top convertible.


Image result for lexus hardtop convertible 2018

I only have to push one button to lower the top. Then I crank up my Country music and hit the road.

Hope I run into her again. She was fun.

Oh yes……her husband was in the hospital recovering from a motorcycle accident.

I wonder….would these ladies be interested in tales of cruising Tulsa in my Chevy Malibu?

“If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.” – Lao Tzo


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1 Response to People and Their Toys

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anne and I still have our 2003 “Uncle Buck” fifth wheel with our old Chevy pick up. But their paid for. So we enjoy them.


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