First Rock N Roll music

“If I’m not working on something, I literally just sit and think, which I don’t think is productive.” – Adam Driver

During a conversation with my wife and daughter, the subject of the first Rock N Roll song came up.

What was it?

It was probably some obscure Black gospel type thing. Gaby recalls the first Rock n Roll song she remembers hearing was Rock Around the Clock.

I clearly remember the first time I heard Rock N Roll. It was 1956. I was 13. My brother and I were searching the air waves in rural South Carolina just out of curiosity. Just passing time.

Suddenly, a sound we’d never heard before. Did not know it then, but it proved to be the first Rock N Roll music we ever heard.

Our reaction was immediate. WOW. That was different. What is this?

Most of my generation were there at the beginning. Do you remember?

”Songs are a funny thing. I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history.” – Pete Seeger

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5 Responses to First Rock N Roll music

  1. Jerry LeFevre says:

    I recall sitting by the little radio at my dad’s auto repair shop and waiting for the time when the Cisco Kid was coming on and heard this noise like none heard before. It was Heartbreak Hotel by the man destined to be the King of rock ‘n roll. I was not taken with it at the time, but listen to the music of that day all the time now.

    Do you think in the future some will look back and say they much preferred rap to this new stuff?


  2. says:

    I DO remember!! I think probably the first Rock & Roll song I heard was Rock Around the Clock, by Bill Haley & the Comets, but this one followed shortly thereafter. Also in that early mix: Earth Angel by the Penguins. Love the old music!!


  3. Shirlene Abbie says:

    I still enjoy reading your posts 🙂 I hope you & Gabby are well. All is well with us 🙂
    Take care & Gods Blessings for you two.


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