Needle In A Haystack

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

On the job. Phone rings. Pick up at North entrance. Guy needs help finding his car.

The North entrance is the furthest point from my current position.

Drove there.

Guy hobbles up to my van on crutches and clutching a key.

Hops in. Points key at me and says “Need to find my car”.

I stare at him expecting more info. Like vehicle description. Maybe which garage he parked it in. Something.

A long moment of silence.

Finally, I asked “that’s it? There are 4,500 possible locations around this hospital. Do you at least know which parking garage? A possible starting point?”

He gets huffy. I was having a heart attack when I got here. A security guard parked my car. I don’t know where.

I’m thinking this guy is a whack job. So you drove yourself here while having a heart attack. Correct?


You probably drove to the emergency room entrance. Then, while you were wheeled into the emergency room, a security guard parked your car. Does that sound right?


I think I know where it is.

Drove to the garage and there, on the second level, is the guy’s car.

He thanks me profusely and hops out.

I am a miracle worker.

Should have bought a lottery ticket that day.

“When I see friends from school, I think they’ve all grown old and I’ve stayed the same.” – Steve Coogan

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2 Responses to Needle In A Haystack

  1. Bambi Lynn says:

    Lol, lovin’ your “on the job” stories…people are strange.


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