Hell Week

“No matter who tries to teach you lessons on life, you won’t understand it until you go through it yourself”


What a week. So glad it’s over.

Monday. Picked up this 60 year old woman. She must be the Devil’s lover.

It began as follows:

Pulled up in front of the medical facility on time.

Parked at the patient pick up point.

No one in sight. Called the patient to let her know I was waiting.

Patient: (in an aggrieved tone) Where are you? I don’t see you.

Me: I’m at the patient pick up point.

Patient: I don’t see you.

Me: Well, maybe I’m at the wrong building. Give me a minute to move to that other building.

I start to move and suddenly this wild, crazy woman is chasing me screaming something unintelligible and obviously not very nice.

It was her. Turns out I was at the correct spot and on time.

She got in the van and proceeded to give me hell for the duration of the ride.

It really got to me and ruined my day.

The following day a computer glitch caused me to miss my last pick up. Two hours late I finally got the assignment and raced to pick the rider up.

Inside the facility I locate the woman. She’s 72, on dialysis, has breathing problems and had just finished two weeks in the hospital. She was not a happy camper.

Feeling terrible I profusely apologize as I escort her to the van.  Get to the Van only to discover that I had locked the keys in the Van.

Now she and I must endure another hour wait for a lock smith to open the Van. Imagine if you will my feelings of embarrassment, frustration, and humiliation as we wait.

Wednesday. My last day of this awful work week. Ten hour day but at least my problems will be over and tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

Get home. Get out of the Van and drop the Tablet on the cement drive way. It shatters.

Got to call the boss and fess up to my clumsiness and futility. He’s upset and understandably so. The predictable end to a horrible week.

Well, it’s over. Got to cheer up and enjoy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday. Late. Gaby is baking my favorite pie for Thanksgiving. Mincemeat.

As she’s taking it out of the oven, she drops it. The beautiful pie now looks like a bowl of beef stew.


It’s OK though. It still tastes wonderful. Just a different presentation.

We can live with that.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

And please God, quit picking on me.


“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter” – Mark Twain

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2 Responses to Hell Week

  1. Oh, no. I’ve had weeks like that, too. So for Thanksgiving, you can be thankful that week is over!! I hope next week goes way better.


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