One Last Hug

“There is a wisdom of the head and a wisdom of the heart” – Charles Dickens

Retirement bored me. So…………I got a part time job driving a van for a medical transport company here in Tulsa. Have been doing that for about 4 months now.

One day I drove a 62 year old woman to the hospital.

She looked really down. Sad.

You naturally want to do something to lighten the load. Help carry the cross.

Got to be careful. Getting involved with these riders is risky business. Possibly the last thing they want to do is discuss their problems with strangers. You become intrusive.

Then there are times when those in pain welcome the opportunity to unload. The caveat here is the emotional price imposed on your soul.

She seemed approachable so I engaged her in conversation. Wanted to ease her mind if I could.

Having a bad day I ventured.

Yeah. My mother is dying of breast cancer. She chokes on the words.

Silence. Neither of us speak for several minutes. The solemn moment requires no comment.

And then, a redacted account of her mother’s struggle with cancer. I listened. And paid the price for getting involved. There is no avenue for me to share the load. The cross is too heavy.

I feel so inadequate.

Arrived at the hospitable. She got out.

She said she had to give her Mother one Last Hug, turned and walked away.

Drove and thought. Lost it.

“Everyone has holes in their heart”

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