Life in Perspective

“Patient care should always be the key objective for any healthcare provider. It’s as simple as that” – Florence Nightingale


I’ve been driving for this medical transport co for 2 weeks. We transport old and/or indigent people to doctors and other medical services.

I’ve discovered a few things I did not know.

How very necessary this service is.

These people are desperately in need of the service. They cannot transport themselves and they cannot afford to pay for it. Without this service, most of them would either die or live really miserable lives.

There are a few things the government does well and this is one of them. Uncle Sam gets an A+ here.

The patients.

Roughly 50% of our patients are on Dialysis. That number surprised me. Had no idea that number of people are living on Dialysis. Imagine what that is like.

3 days a week – 4 hours each day. And the rest of that day spent recuperating from the procedure. That blows 3 days per week. 43% of their lives.

These people either get a kidney transplant or spend the rest of their lives living on the edge.

Thus far, the age range, in my experience, is 23 to 90.

Puts things in perspective doesn’t it.


“I think that there is something beautiful about mortality. It makes our decisions mean more.”  – Brandon Boyd

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