Eating Crow

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” – Benjamin Franklin

I made a serious mistake. I used a word I did not know the true meaning of yesterday. I thought the word defined frivolous behavior. It does not. What was I thinking?

A dear friend succinctly made me aware of this egregious error as only she can.

There is absolutely nothing frivolous about misogynistic behavior.

I failed to vet the word. I thought I knew. Big mistake.

I apologize to Judy and anyone else I probably offended.

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2 Responses to Eating Crow

  1. Judy Vaughan says:

    Apology excepted dear friend I never doubted that you have respect for women. But, I can never resist giving you a bad time. lol😀😀😀 especially when the door was left wide open.🥇💖

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