Take a Hike

“The realization floods into your veins and overwhelms you” – Don’t let go by Harlan Coben

The city of Tulsa maintains 3 or 4 miles of hiking trails on something called Turkey Mountain located west of and bordering the Arkansas River.

Turkey Mountain

The trails vary in length and difficulty. A few are short and flat. Others are long and steep. Choose your poison.Gaby leading the way. Show off

Our preference is flat and short. But, no matter your choice, all offer lots of fresh air, healthy exercise, fun, and wonderful human experiences.

One of my many resting rocks.

Wonderful because as we huff and puff our way down the trail, we meet, greet, and converse with warm, friendly, family oriented people. I almost forgot they existed.

We came to a fork in the trail and took it.

Hikers having a good time.

Physical health and emotional peace.

So simple. So easy to find.

When someone tells you to take a hike……………….take a hike.

“Happiness was like moving on thin ice” – The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

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