Time and Place

“Intuition informed by knowledge becomes priceless common sense” – Critical Care by Theresa Brown

You just walked a mile through a large retail operation. You’re tired. Somewhat irritable.

You just want to pay and go home. Get out of there.

There are 20 checkout counters. Only 5 are open and the lines are long.

Resigned, you stand and wait.

Finally. Your turn. Goods are laboriously placed on the moving belt.

“Good morning. Would you like to make a donation to end Children’s Hunger?”

You’re caught off guard. The clerk is looking at you. The person behind you is looking.

If you say no, the implication is you are a stinking piece of human garbage.

Never mind that the clerk has not given you full disclosure.

Like – what is the name of the charity? Will this benefit the local community? How much of a donated dollar goes for salaries and advertisement? How much is Walmart being paid to solicit? Etc. Etc. Etc.

No………….you are requested to make a snap decision to someone you don’t know regarding a charity that is nameless.

How many are victims of this deceptive form of coercion?

I believe everybody should check out a charity first. They should be given that opportunity.

I told the clerk no I would not and that I considered the question condescending and impertinent.

She looked at me like I just stepped out of a UFO.

Would you have done the same?

”Delusion was an essential fact of life for the average person” – The Thirst by Joe Nesbo

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2 Responses to Time and Place

  1. Grant Fellhauer says:

    If they only have 5 checkouts and the lines are that long, no problem. I just leave the cart setting there and leave the store. I will go some where that wants my business and will give good service.


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