“The best survival strategy was always to copy old men, because they, after all, were the winners, the survivors” – The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

Too many of us fail to break the crippling grip of our environment and life experiences. Sad and very unfortunate for mankind.

Given that we are all flawed, why would anyone allow another human being to advise them how to think on such important and personal issues as religion, politics, and morals?

Possibly there is a celestial penalty we all pay for failure to utilize our brain’s capacity to think.

There certainly is an earthly price.

Having shared these thoughts…………………………..



It’s the same model of intellectual submission that dictatorships have used throughout time, the concept of a higher reasoning without any obligation to discharge the burden of proof” – The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo

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4 Responses to HOOK EM HORNS

  1. Doc' & CJ says:

    I reckon you can always use yourself as the guide, follow your own instincts, that’s part of being self aware/responsible. But ya just don’t have enough time in one life to learn it all. Sometimes others, particularly the brightest among us, do have something to offer. I guess the trick is learning how to hear them above the clatter of the ignorant masses.

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