“Words are such gross machinery, so primitive and ambiguous” – Frank Herbert

I love words. Not as much as say Hamburgers but………………

I like the way they work together to communicate a thought, a command, a wish, an emotion.

However, I’m amazed that the English language has so many different words that have the same meaning.

Words that most of us have never heard or used. Would not be able to pronounce or use correctly.


Demonym. – name used for the people who live in a particular country, State, or other locality.

Moria – A persons fate or destiny.

Senectitude – The last stage of life.

An English speaking person could speak a strange and unintelligible language using unknown dictionary verses.

I read that English has more words than most world languages.

I wonder how many of those words are archaic and unnecessary. Wasting valuable space.

Just sayin.

”Words don’t have power to hurt, unless the person who says those words means a lot to you”

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