The Power of Music

“A man with no trace of the feminine in him, with no duality at all, is a man without tenderness, sympathy, gentleness, kindness, responsiveness.” – Bright orange for the Shroud

Recently I discovered HPR (Heartland Public Radio) out of Branson, Mo.

It plays nothing but the oldest Country. Hank Williams – Hank Snow – Jim Reeves. That genre.

Nonstop. No commercials. One after the other. On and on.

I enjoy those old sounds so I listen as I move through breakfast.

Guess I never really listened to the lyrics. I’m listening now.

Thinking about old friends, places. Things.

Eventually I feel sad. Not depressed, but I begin to orbit.

Oh, there she is. My daughter. She bounces into the kitchen. A smile radiates through the fog of early morning.

Good morning Ann.

Good morning Dad.

I’m OK now.

The power of music. Wow.

“The heart is the chief  feature of a functioning mind” – Frank Lloyd Wright

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