“Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done” – Rudy Francisco

I’m adjusting to this new lifestyle. Retirement. I know it will be good. However, there is a period of adjustment.

While we were working, I had structure. A reason to get up. People to meet. Tasks to accomplish.

Now……….not so much.

No reason to get up. Other than the fear of terminal bed sores of course.

Structure? Eating at regular intervals. That counts. Doesn’t it?

Tasks? Well………………..Hmmmmmm. There are random honey do’s.

Such as TRIPS TO WALMART, which I actually look forward to. Am I in trouble?

Challenges? I share a space with two women. Think about that one.

“Life contains only a certain number of emotions” – One man’s experience of prison by John Hoskison

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4 Responses to Retirement

  1. blueheron98 says:

    Get a hobby. Volunteer. Guys need a purpose during retirement. You are the hunter/gatherers. Start a garden & plant a few fruit trees. Look into fermenting foods. You will be healthier for it.
    Good luck!


  2. Tanya Hamell says:

    Have you looked at volunteer opportunities in town? Do you have a Meals On Wheels that needs drivers to deliver food to seniors, are drivers needed to take people to medical appointments, library need volunteers, food bank, etc.? Most communities have volunteer positions and some will reimburse for gas when you use your vehicle. Texas is serious about their history and there may be a Historical Society that could use your help with records. Many schools need people to help a couple hours assist students with reading, etc. I help at a church community closet that gives clothing to needy families. Hope you are able to find something you enjoy and help others at the same time.


    • Texas Heat says:

      Appreciate the comment Tanya. And yes, I am considering all you mention., For now, just want to enjoy doing absolutely nothing.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish you guys on your retirement matt


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