Line In The Dirt

“In all of history, there is a constancy, Nations either progress or decay” – To the Last Man by Jeff Shaara

There are moments in life when we are forced to confront a harsh reality. Draw a line in the dirt that, defined by each of us, is impossible to cross.

The outside world, all life outside my shrinking circle of family and friends, just won’t leave me in peace.

All I want and need is family, a few really close friends, good books, soothing music, excellent health, and a few select other diversions completely void of politics and strife.

I really enjoy certain shows on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Animal Planet.

That sort of thing. No politics. No ideological confrontations. No detrimental human behavior.

And sports. Specifically College Football. But also some interest in the NFL.

No more. The NFL crossed the line. Disrespecting our flag and anthem is just too much.

The NFL no longer exists for me. It is dead. Gone. Over. This is not a knee jerk reaction. Been thinking and analyzing this development for days.

Don’t need Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw or other self-important talking heads prognosticating and preaching to me about this or anything else.

I have a brain. I have experience in life. I have common sense and an abiding understanding of life on the planet.

I can think for myself thank you. And on this matter I know I’m right.

The line in the dirt has been drawn. I will not cross it.

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it” – Dale Carnegie

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2 Responses to Line In The Dirt

  1. Mike Tallman says:

    I am of a like mind. When I heard of the mass “take-a-knee” involving both players and coaching staff, I said – as you have – the NFL is over for me. Completely. If they come to their senses sometime in the future and reverse themselves on this, I may reconsider, but for now, the NFL is history. I wrote to another friend (who had worked with me, both in the Army and post-Army) who had made the same decision that, if we had taken a knee in a big corporate meeting when they said the pledge of allegiance, we’d have been shown the door very quickly. And so it should be in this case. (The NHL has left no doubt where they stand, and neither has NASCAR.) But when you throw in the disrespect to the flag and the national anthem – and all they stand for – it crosses the line.


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