I Am So Screwed

“God was often busy elsewhere” – Master of War by David Gilman

After 20 years of living, working, and travelling in a motor-home, we finally hit the wall. Time for a rather dramatic life style change.

These past 10 days we’ve been involved with the move to the spare bedroom in our daughter’s house.

Such things as painting the walls, installing new flooring, and scheduling delivery of our new bedroom furniture.

Not only must I adapt to living in a house, it seems I must also learn to live as a minority. That is, as the only male on the premises.

I am no longer the Alpha Male. Could it be? Emasculated? Gulp.


I am surrounded by women. And it seems they won’t acquiesce to or even recognize my lofty status as the ALPHA MALE.

I’ve tried to correct this assault on the laws of nature with logic and a calm demeanor but to no avail.

I am reminded of my new status with remarks like “Deal with it” or “Do the math” or “What are you doing” or “Back away from the thermostat”. And the most terrifying of all, the dreaded “We’re going shopping”.

I am so screwed.

Eating well though.

“Where does a man first go wrong?” – Julep Street by Craig Lancaster

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