Sticker Shock

“It was the word, sad. Sad has an ugly weight” – The Forgotten Man by Robert Crais

Moving to a stick house with our daughter presented us with a small dilemma. What to do with the Motorhome? Sell it? Donate it? Scrap it? Keep it? Decisions, Decisions.

Eventually we decided to keep it and this required an investment of shrinking funds to make it drivable and livable.

Time and the Texas sun wreaked havoc with the old gal, especially the windshield.

The rubber gasket holding the windshield had to be replaced. It had deteriorated so much that the windshield was beginning to fall out.

Cruising at 65 was like flying a mission with the Red Baron in WWI. The wind. The sound. Boogeyman at 3 o’clock.

So………………………..contacted a local glass co. Told them what I needed.

Tech comes out. Eyeballs the situation. Takes measurements. Utters a few Tsk, Tsks. Shakes his head. Frowns.

I’m not liking the body language. This could go south in a hurry.

Next day I get a call from said glass co.

Total cost including labor will be $1,700.

What? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not possible.

Could you repeat that? $1,700. Are you sure? I want to see the invoice with breakdown.

There it is. In black and white. Gasket+shipping+packing+tax+mark up comes to $1,000. Labor $700. Total $1,700.

Moral of the story – Get in the gasket business.

“What seed ripened more fruitfully than greed” – Criss Cross by Tom Kakonis

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