Just Walk On In

“Chronologies, venues, selective memories of faces and events could not, of themselves, capture the essence of a life or reveal its infinite discoveries” – Treasure Coast by Tom Kakonis

The door is open, just walk on in.

Changes. Opportunities. Options.

So many.

So fast.

The door is open, just walk on in.

So sayeth the Lord. Or possibly the Devil. Or simply life.

Thought retirement would be soooooo boooooooooring. Not so far.

In these first few weeks, many doors have opened. A few have closed.

The door is open, just walk on in.

Think we’ll just step inside and take a peek. Couldn’t hurt. Could it?

Life in these twilight years is proving to be very interesting indeed.

Hello life. I see you.

“Time. It has a way of bringing clarity, if you’re willing to sit still long enough to receive it” – Julep Street by Craig Lancaster

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