Moving On

“I just want my portion of humanity” – Unknown

Today we begin another chapter. Possibly the final.

We left our gate of 13 months this past Monday. Luckily, after a long idle time, the engine turned over and everything worked.

We’ve hung around the Victoria area to get some needed work done on the Motor Home to make it road worthy.

And today we hit the road to Comanche, TX. Going there to visit our good friends Lloyd and Judy. They are working at a Corps Park in the area which is something we hope to be doing this winter.

So a week or so there and then on to Sherman, TX to see doctors and visit our Son and Grand Daughter.

A visit to our Daughter in Tulsa should complete the break and then, hopefully, we will begin our stint with the Corps Park system in October.

While we have no way of gauging the future, we plan to work as long as it is physically possible. What else is there? I can’t just sit on my ass. Travel? I’ve seen more of the world and this country in particular than most.

I do know this for sure. No one should ever work too long without a break. It takes a toll.

“Live long enough, and most of us get just about what we’ve got coming” – Treasure Coast by Tom Kakonis

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