“Unwatched words had a way of going where they are warned not to stray.” – Red on Red by Edward Conlon

Ever say or write something only to have another miss your point completely and take offense?

Who’s at fault? You? The listener? Who knows? One or both for sure.

Sometimes the result is very unpleasant.

Feelings hurt. Irritation. Bonds broken. Friendships lost.

All because of a few words. Such a waste.

Sometimes the wound heals. Sometimes it doesn’t.

We get sloppy with our relationships.

We all utter innocuous phrases every day without malice or forethought. And yet, every once in a while, someone will take offense and when that happens, we are stunned.

Often, even friends fail to coexist. No wonder human history is punctuated by war.

“Words fit people into categories, whether they belong there or not.” – A Deadly Shade of Gold by John D. Macdonald

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