“Are we all equally sick? Is the difference only who lets the monster loose and who doesn’t?” – Police by Jo Nesbo

I wonder.

If I wasn’t me, would I like me?

Why is it that as we grow older we become more set in our ways? Less tolerant of different points of view?

We close the circle. Kick all but the most loyal dogs out?

In rare moments of honest introspection, my narrow minded spirit mocks me.

So would I like me? I’m not sure. Not all of me, I think.

I believe I have a good heart. But boy am I dumb.

What about smart but with no heart? Naw. That’s no good.

Why not both? Smart with a good heart.

I know a few people like that. But man are they naïve.

Naive sounds good. Innocent. Blemish free. But I would want the smart and good heart as well.

Anyway, do I like me? Sometimes.

What about you? Would you like you?

“Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be”

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1 Response to You

  1. Man, I would love me! (and often do) But, seriously, I really do think if we could somehow separate our own ego from reality, I would want to be a friend of mine. But, the caveat would be that I know what pisses me off and if I knew that about my “friend” I would not go there. Plus, I am a conservative and I seem to like most conservatives. I know a couple of liberals I like as people, but that is about it. And, we can’t talk about anything important.


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