Kitchen Logic

“His senses went numb at the mystery and immensity of time” – Police by Jo Nesbo

Dad……….this morning mom said something about Kitchen Logic. What was she talking about?

Well son…….have you heard of Black Holes in space? Dark matter? These are just a few of the great mysteries. Kitchen logic is merely one of many euphemisms for the greatest mystery of all, the female thought process. Female Logic to be precise.

As you progress through life and experience all it has to offer, it will become stunningly clear to you that the words female and logic do not equate. At least not in our world.

Sooooooooooo………..accept and ignore. Do not try to understand. Even they don’t understand.

Just beware, they take advantage of this biological/emotional quirk to keep us off balance and vulnerable.

Avoid the trap. When she explains anything as Kitchen Logic, back off. Walk away. Unless of course you have time to kill as your ears are chewed off and your brain is reduced to mush.

Other phrases and traps to avoid:

Does this make me look fat?

What did you mean by that?

Am I pretty?

Do you think she is pretty?

Take this road.

Do you like my hair?

And finally, the most obvious example of the aberration as we know it: “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.”

And yet, we probably wouldn’t change a thing. Well…..maybe the time thing.

“You soon become lonely if you want to use your own brain to find answers” – The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo

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