Line In The Dirt

“Nothing disappears in its entirety, everything leaves a trace in some way, somewhere” – Police by Jo Nesbo

Let’s be clear. I’m not a perpetually angry man. Just very curious.

Curious about, among many things, the human experience.

Take the concept of forgiveness.

Forgive and forget. Move on. Oh yeah. Easy for you to say.

Are you a forgiver? Do you easily absolve transgressions?

See………..I don’t. I can’t. I’ve tried. Just not in my DNA.

Screw with me or my loved ones. Abuse an animal. Cut me deep with intent or through lack of concern. That wound stays with me for a long, long time.

Forgive and forget. Failure to do so will only debilitate me. What?

And you know this how?

Isn’t it possible to abhor and never forgive certain egregious acts without being consumed?

Think about it.

 “History is full of men who do some pretty dishonorable things, all in the name of honor” – To the Last Man by Jeff Shaara

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