There were drawbacks to knowing anyone to well, and yet there was no way to avoid this” – Point of No Return by John P. Marquand

So my friend……………..looking back on your life, any regrets?

Of course. Many. One……… that I didn’t kill a few troglodytes.

Are you serious?

Well………… a manner of speaking. Rare is the soul who hasn’t crossed paths with evil. And evil is not redeemable. So why allow it? At any rate, I don’t dwell on it. Just a knee jerk reaction to your question.


Regrets? Well, probably. I’d have to think about it.

Lucky you.

“I wake up at night in a cold sweat imagining that I have lived and done nothing” – George Patton

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2 Responses to Troglodytes

  1. I hear you, except I think, by definition I am a troglodyte, in one sense of the word. Are there levels of troglodytism?


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