My name is Joe

“I was constantly chasing the tail of my own brain” – An Unquiet Mind by Kay Jamison

Getting older and finding it harder and harder to remember little things. Like names.

And in this business, it’s important to remember names. Many names.

I can remember faces. Even license plates. But names………………….not so much.

This problem causes me to doubt my recall of individual names.

How you doing Joe? Good to see you again. Joe waves and moves on.

He looked at me funny. Didn’t he?

Maybe his name is not Joe. Probably isn’t. How long have I been calling him Joe?

Next time:

Sorry man……………but I’m not sure of the spelling of your name. Could you spell it please?


Joe. Of course. I knew that. Must be my allergies. Sorry.


Joe is a nice name. Good name. Who could forget that?

I’m not crazy you know.

“We all move uneasily within our restraints” – An Unquiet Mind by Kay Jamison

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