“Temptation does not deliver most of us into evil because temptation is a constant and evil is a sometime thing with most of us.” – – “The Quick Red Fox”by John D. MacDonald

Ever give some serious thought to what makes you different from the rest of the human race? Unique in all the universe? In mind and body?

Something does. For sure.

Unfortunately, not all of us are distinctly good creatures.

And some, correction, most of you people are weird. Strange. Arcane

Got to wonder about that. I do.

Am I the only person in the world who prefers plain cheese cake without toppings?

What’s wrong with you people?

“If you give anyone ample opportunity, they will disappoint you” – “The Devil Wins” by Robert B. Parker

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4 Responses to Toppings

  1. Lynn King says:

    Loved the two quotes you included, by the way.

    Arcane. Good word…..I think I like being arcane. (As long as no one thinks I was the VP wannabe)

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  2. harry bellerby says:

    Bob, that’s how you want the world, plain and simple.


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