It Takes All Kinds

“He felt a headache at the first note, and it flipped multiple aggravation switches in his brain” – Red on Red by Edward Conlon

It Takes All Kinds

How often has that phrase been uttered? Usually out of frustration with an individual or maybe even by inflicted pain. An assault on decency and common sense.

Millions. And that’s just in my lifetime. And what exactly does it mean? That the world must be populated with rude, arrogant, malicious, cretins to give our lives balance?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………………… DOES NOT take all kinds.

Think how wonderful our lives would be without politicians, criminals, lawyers, arrogant Doctors, rude neighbors, and anyone else whose existence is justified with the phrase IT TAKES ALL KINDS.

Just Sayin.

“How crazy do you have to be before you are crazy?” – Red on Red by Edward Conlon

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2 Responses to It Takes All Kinds

  1. That was priceless, my friend. Brilliant.


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