Cliff: episode 365

People were not what they said. They were not what they thought. They were not what they promised. People were what they did. When the final tally was done, nothing else mattered.” – “House of the Rising Sun” by James Lee Burke

Morning Cliff. How’s the weather down there?

Not as hot but still hot. 98 or so. You?

A bit cooler up here. 92.

That’s because you have more air conditioners up there.

Huh? I was referring to the outside temp.

Ya. Me too.

Well what do air conditioners have to do with the outside temp?

More people equal more homes with air conditioners. And, when they open their doors to go in or out, some of that A/C cooled air gets out and cools the outside air.

(30 second pause ended with a gasp)

Need to take my meds Cliff…………talk to you later.

 “When all sound is gone, the mind struggles to orient itself.” – Edward Unspooled by Craig Lancaster

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