A Good Book

“Poor fella, goes in for a prostate exam and the doctor slips on a pair of 2XX large rubber gloves” – The Long and Faraway Gone” by Lou Berney

At my age, a good book is better than sex. Just kidding. Not. Whatever.

I get lost in good literature. The pages and language absorb me. Within them, I am blind to the madness of our times.

So………………I feel terrible when I give up on a book too soon. How could I know I had done that you ask? Because I have a friend who is always eager to tell me – “You gave up on that book? Wow. That was one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.”

Thanks Harry. You couldn’t just leave me in ignorant bliss. Could you!!!!!

Still love ya buddy.

“Bad people can do good things” – Harry Bellerby

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