Point vs counter point.

“I hope there’s some revenge out there somewhere. I don’t know if there’s another way to make it right” – The innocents by Ace Atkins

I do enjoy a good book. Well written. Interesting plot. Plausible characters. Heaven.

However, I get so emotionally involved with them that sometimes they leave me exhausted. I can only tolerate so much tragedy and triumph. Now and then I need a break.

At those times I resort to the old standby: quick read – transparent – nonsense laced with mindless violence and the good guys always win.

Characters like Jack Reacher, Hawk, and Virgil do the trick. Or, on rare occasions, I’ll simply read the newspaper or catch the body count on the 5 o’clock news.

Wonder why that is!?

Balance maybe? Point vs counter point.

“I tend to believe what people tell me, especially if it confirms my expectations” – True Story by Michael Finkel

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2 Responses to Point vs counter point.

  1. Love the last quote.


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