Give me a break…….PLEASE.

“People do not have to die to go to hell” – “The Jealous Kind” by James Lee Burke

It is so difficult to get a break from the daily trials and tribulations of the human race. However, the fact remains that we all NEED a break. Otherwise we may lose our minds.

Our psyches were not formulated to sustain sanity in the face of constant, omnipresent mayhem.

Several years ago, as I entered my seventh decade on the planet, I began a process of withdrawal from the mainstream news dispensers of all types. Broadcast – Print – Conversation. I just don’t give a damn what others think anymore.

So, this diatribe is not an attempt to convert anyone to my side of the tracks. I’m just venting.

Sports, especially college football, has been a great escape for me. So this morning I’m watching ESPN to catch up on all of the games played yesterday. This is cool. All kinds of upsets and wonderful stories. Good stuff.

Then it all goes south. Quickly. Suddenly my senses are assaulted with the latest re: Colin Kaepernick and his immature demonstrations. This is followed by more examinations of various reactions, both pro and con. On and on ad nauseam.

Is there no escaping the crush of misery?

Blood is oozing out of my ears.

“Life will go better for you the less you’re bothered by people and their dumb habits” – Edward Unspooled by Craig Lancaster

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7 Responses to Give me a break…….PLEASE.

  1. Mike Tallman says:

    Amen! You just can’t get away from the crap – anywhere! The inmates have taken over the asylum.

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  2. Mark says:

    Am I a bigot because I’ve tired of the black rhetoric? Am I the only one that realizes that we are so intermixed that very few of us can truly be called black? More to the point (and I awknowledge that there are bad apples in every profession), aren’t police encounters more prevalent in the inner city where poverty and unemployment run rampant and the populous trends toward a black majority? Finally, am I wrong in that I firmly believe that the vast majority of policeman don’t treat blacks any different than any other race? Oh; I almost forgot. Mr. Kaepernick, that flag and anthem you protest against gives you the right to conduct said protest. You might want to think about that every time you do it. Rant over.


  3. I feel your pain. Sportscasters should be immediately dismissed if making political comments.



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