Parallel Universe

“Did you know that Jellyfish have been around 600,000,000 years without a brain? That’s giving a lot of us hope.”

I just love TV shows like NASA’s Unexplained Files, Space Deepest Secrets, and How the Universe Works.

A real cure for a big Ego is to spend some time pondering the significance or lack thereof of human existence. Just try to understand the meaning of our lives against the backdrop of space. The exercise should blow your mind.

Wow. Where did I get the notion I was something special? That any of us are? What was I thinking?

Anyway, one of the series has been exploring the possibility of a parallel universe. Just suppose there is such a thing and that you are living another life in that universe. Per one of the astrophysicists, that life would be much different than your current one.

And that is the conundrum. Would I rather live that life or the one I know?

Hmm. Well, if I could pick and choose certain aspects of my life that would be challenging.

I suppose I would alter a few of the choices I’ve made. Naw, probably not. After all, many of the mistakes and hard times eventually led me to a happier time and place.

I know one adjustment I would make for sure.

From the age of about 65 on we would spend our summers in the mountains of Colorado and our winters in a warm place like Texas – or San Diego – or Costa Rico. Anywhere the average temp is 65-75.

Mr. Parallel Universe, can I do that?

“How human it is to see a thing as something else.” – Underworld by Don DeLillo


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