“Married sex was sort of a peculiar mix of comfort and resentment” – Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman

I love Cheesecake.

Forever. As long as I can remember I have always loved Cheesecake.

Not some pudding like mix poured into a pie pan.

Baked in an oven. Real New York style Cheesecake.

No toppings. No chocolate Cheesecake. Just pure, unadulterated Cheesecake.

Here in Texas, real New York style Cheesecake is hard to find. Darn near impossible.

But, every once in a while the stars align and the good lord smiles on my poor soul.

Saturday he glanced my way and directed me to Jason’s Deli in Victoria, Tx.

Got lunch to go. A wonderful Beef Eater for me and some kind of foo foo salad for the missus. And by the way, throw in a piece of Cheesecake and a Brownie.

Back at the hacienda I devoured that Beef Eater. A great big sandwich. Too full to dig into that Cheesecake. Tomorrow for sure.

Tomorrow is here and I just finished that Cheesecake. Wow. The real thing. Wonderful. My taste buds are doing the Happy Dance.

God is truly wise. And he must love me. Or takes pity on me. I’ll accept either.

“The tempest had dissolved into the elements comprising it.” – Tears of the River by Gordon Rottman

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4 Responses to Cheesecake

  1. Enjoyed that one my friend and I hope you enjoy cheesecake for a LOT more years.


  2. Mark says:

    Try Sams.


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