Not a Problem

“It is curious how a concise impropriety hits the public” – Histories great showdowns by Edwin Grosvenor

Somehow – Some way – Somewhere – Some time during recent decades we Americans have developed and inserted into our everyday lexicon a number of disturbing, aggravating, meaningless phrases.

Such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

“Not a problem”. Used mostly by retail/customer relations type people. And when I hear it I want to scream “Yes there is a problem you moron. If you use that phrase once more I will rip a knot in your head and stomp a mud hole in your chest.”

When that phrase is uttered by some robot I immediately wonder what could have been the problem. What problem is not a problem? Seems like every time I thank someone for a job well done or a service rendered I get back a “NO PROBLEM”.

To me that statement implies that there was a real possibility that the task I asked them to perform and for which they are paid to do as that is the primary focus of their employment responsibility had the potential to cause them problems that were my fault for asking.


When and how did this banality creep into our daily discourse?

“Ain’t nothing a man has can’t be taken away” – The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen

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