Preaching to the choir

“Most of the troubles of the world could be avoided if men opened their minds instead of their mouths” – Triangle: The fire that changed America by David Von Drehle

Why is it that some people believe the rest of us are interested in their political observations and interpretations of current events?

Is there anything more tedious?

Face it, 100% of the time those people are either preaching to the choir or further alienating the other side.

So what’s the point?

“Dangerous thing, giving humanity the knowledge of good and evil” – “The Sins of the Fathers” by Lawrence Block

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4 Responses to Preaching to the choir

  1. Maybe it was because he felt like creating it? Maybe it takes a bit of cranial horsepower to “get” it. For one, I totally understood his point.


  2. Texas Heat says:

    Thank you for the comment.


  3. Texas Heat says:



  4. Because it is cathartic and sometimes we just need to vent. And sometimes it is simply mental masturbation. And…..sometimes….rarely, but I have actually encountered people who will differ, but still listen. Almost NEVER from the other side. They know who they are and you know who they are. The choir on the right will disagree. The choir on the left continue to put on their rose colored glasses, drink the Koolaid and threaten to kill anyone who disagrees with their peaceful, loving ways and always agree with each other because it requires no work ethic or thinking.


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