Good or Bad

“What’s the most bullshit word in the English language – Closure” – Harbor Nocturne by Joseph Wambaugh

Towards the end of a recent phone conversation with a friend he left me with a “Be Good” farewell.

Well that sucks.

See…………….as I thought about that I realized I have no choice in the matter.

I’m too old to be bad.

For that matter………….I’m almost too old to be good.

“I’ve wasted too much time in my life already. I wish I’d realized sooner that we don’t have any to waste, not even a minute.” – “The Hollow Girl” by Reed Farrel Coleman

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2 Responses to Good or Bad

  1. According to your wife, this is not exactly true. Another benefit of our age proximity is that “bad” and “good” aren’t all that important, anymore. I will be as bad as I can be, hopefully stopping short of something for which I could be prosecuted. I guess this is why we need some laws, unfortunately, because at this stage of my life, my filtering system for that which comes out of my mouth has developed some holes. But, playing the age card……I have earned the right to occasionally exhibit bad behavior. I was born with the wrong skin color to pull many other cards, so I will play the age card with fervor. Bob, when we cease to be bad boys, we cease to exist. BE BAD my friend, be bad.

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    • Texas Heat says:

      When I was your age, you young whipper snapper, I felt the same. About the only thing I’m good at being bad is English grammar and paragraph construction. You, on the other hand, seem to relish being bad. So stir the fire you rebel.


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