A-1 Sauce

“It’s strange how being happy about one thing can make you just as sad about another” The Passage by Justin Cronin

Morning Cliff. How’s everything in Laredo?

Good. Not much traffic. Trying to catch up on sleep.

We had a little Border Patrol action here this morning.

Wow. I had some of that in January.

Yeah man, ground forces and helicopter support. One of the cop cars was chasing a stolen car and gutted his oil pan on the dirt road. Anyway, the helicopter circled about ½ mile away from us for about an hour.

Did they catch them?

Don’t know.

We have a problem with illegal cows down here.


Illegal cows. They stampede the gate.

Well, what do you do?

I let them pass.


They have their own A-1 sauce.

Gotta go Cliff.

 “Once you knew this you couldn’t unknow it” – The Passage by Justin Cronin

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