Happy Time

“Destiny’s just a word for what happens. Or what already did” – Little Bighorn by John Hough Jr.

We made the move from GGS in the Yorktown area to a new Gate Guard Co in another part of the State.

As we drove from Yorktown to Cotulla we had concerns. Only natural. We were leaving GGS after six years. Did our new employer have good equipment? Were they good people? Will we like them? Will they like us? Is the gate in a good environment?

We’ve been on our new gate for a week. We’ve met the owner. We’ve used the equipment.

So pleased to report that God was on our side this time. These people, this equipment, this gate – all excellent. The best.

We are happy – happy – happy.

And the kicker is – wait for it – the money is better. We got a raise.

Sometimes the good guys win one.

“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” – “Cat Chaser” by Elmore Lenard

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7 Responses to Happy Time

  1. cbrietzke2004 says:

    👍🏻. Happy to hear this good news & that y’all are doing well. 😄


  2. Mark says:

    Sorry to hear it took you 6 years; we left after 6 months and also got a significant raise. (We shared the same trepidations) I’m happy for you. Never undervalue yourself, especially if you go out of your way to do a great job. Even in the worst of times, licensed and exceptional guards will find a home. Note to slackers; this is also where the dead wood gets trimmed. Again; congrats!


  3. Doc' & CJ says:

    God has a way of providing much better than we ourselves are capable of, the trick is in learning to accept that as reality. For all things, there is a reason. Congratulations my friend! 😉


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