Phone Voyeurism

“It’s hard to know just how much a person has a right to do” – “The Sins of the Fathers” by Lawrence Block

I have a very strange friend. Actually, all of my friends are very strange. But this one is uniquely weird. But……….that’s another blog.

Anyway……this friend is in love with his Iphone. Seems like his life revolves around the machinations of that phone.

A week or so ago he calls me all excited about the “Find Friends” app. It allows all who download it to instantly and constantly track the movements of each other.

He convinces me to download the app, which I do. And sure enough, this thing works. On my phone is a map with his exact location and of course he now knows exactly where I am…………… all times. Rather creepy if you think about it. But fun.

Several days later we are headed towards Kenedy on 72 and the phone rings. Yes?

Where you going?

To Kenedy. And (forgetting about the app) how do you know I’m going anywhere?

I just do. You stopping at that McDonalds coming up on the right?

(Sure enough we pass that McDonalds) Stop it. You using that App?


 Wow. That thing really does work.

Later that day I get my daughter in Tulsa to download the app.

So now I’ve got two people whose movements I can track.  Lately I’ve been checking my phone hourly just to see if my fellow trackers are on the move.

I’ve got to get a life.

“Suppress friction, and a society runs down.”  – A Deadly Shade of Gold by John D. Macdonald

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2 Responses to Phone Voyeurism

  1. blueheron98 says:

    LOL… that app is addicting!!!


  2. I saw you writing that! And, where did you get that shirt?


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