A New Chapter

“She did not believe in fate; the world seemed far chancier that that” The Passage by Justin Cronin

So Tuesday morning and its 645 am. Parked in an RV park in Nordheim Tx for a couple of weeks between jobs.

We worked with GGS for six years. Last week they changed the rules and reduced the pay. Time to move on. Life waits for no man.

We were very fortunate to catch a gate with another company and wonderfully…………………it pays more. That job begins 5/1. So till then we chill.  We must be living right.

We’ll travel to Cotulla, TX 4/28 to begin another chapter. Until then we chill, sleep, eat out, make minor repairs, and revel in the silence.

“No journey ended where it began” – Little Bighorn by John Hough Jr.

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1 Response to A New Chapter

  1. Mark says:

    I like GGS; they gave us our start as gate guards. That said, I believe there are other means of austerity, with cutting pay and benefits being the last thing you do. Things may be tough, but your people remain your most valuable asset.


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