Where You At?

“Grief was a place where a person went alone” The Passage by Justin Cronin

Been some time since I last posted in this blog.

Hate to bother others with this sea of negativity that keeps washing over me. However, it seemed important to explain the lack of activity.

Tough times here in the oil patch have me in a funk I just can’t shake.

Brain lock.

Too many friends just gone. Left the rig and never came back. Day after day. Week after week.

Wrap your emotional constitution around that loss and brace for the fall.

A ray of hope. Currently oil is up at $38.33. Have we seen the bottom?

I hope so.

“Life cheated a man in many ways. The secret of Creation remained the Secret of Creation” – “House of the Rising Sun” by James Lee Burke

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2 Responses to Where You At?

  1. Mark says:

    Unfortunately, whatever happens, it will never be the same again in the oil patch.


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