Hard Times

“Life cheated a man in many ways. The secret of Creation remained the Secret of Creation” – “House of the Rising Sun” by James Lee Burke

Suddenly, we have a situation here. This gate, which seemed so secure last week, is now up for grabs.

Conoco asked all Gate Guard companies to submit bids for their gates. They are also seriously considering going to Guard Shacks.

We expected to hear of their decision today but thus far no word. Pins and needles.

Whatever their decision, it will not be good for us.

If GGS loses the bids – we are out of a job.

If GGS wins, the very real possibility of Guard Shacks looms.

Maybe even a pay cut.

These unsettling times have me wondering.

What will be our fate next week? Next year?

“Some losses are harder to get over than others” – “Dark Reservations” by John Fortunato

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