Artery Cement

“Why does everybody want to kick my ass?” – Title of a Country and Western song

Exercise. With this lifestyle I’m not getting enough. Actually hardly any. OK – none.

This once Greek God body of mine is going south. Big time.

And it seems that all of those ads for exercise machines are directed at me.

Hey Bob…………….get off your fat ass and exercise. Firm up those abs. Rember that 6 pack you owned 50 years ago?

What? Are you serious? Me?

They’ve destroyed my comfort zone. Seems I’ve become a lazy bastard doomed to an early and agonizing death from artery cement.

A pledge is made to walk more. That’s a start.

I discover this health app on my IPhone. It measures how many steps one takes and the number of calories burned in the course of a day.

Nice. Now I can plot my course and measure progress.

Several weeks now and the app is becoming an irritant.

No matter how many steps I take in a day – I keep getting a message that states my level of exercise is SEDENTARY.

Some perverted geek must have designed this program.

“Guilt is like that, a permanent infection. Not chronic, permanent.” – “The Hollow Girl” by Reed Farrel Coleman

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