Pilot Car

Omar – how are you?

You won’t believe what I saw the other day.

Try me.

I was headed this way from Corpus when I came to a construction zone and had to stop.

You mean one of those zones where the road becomes a one way and everybody has to wait for a pilot car to lead them?


Exactly. So I’m sitting there the second vehicle in line. There’s the guy in front of me and off to the right the guy with the stop and slow sign. Got the picture?


After about 15 minutes I see the pilot car in the distance with the usual procession of vehicles behind him. So………..not long now as my mind shifts to plans for the day. Minding my own business.

No reason to be on high alert. Right!

Is there a story here?

Just wait. So the pilot car approaches and about 20 ft. in front of us it turns to the left and drives off the road to prepare for the return trip. You know the routine…..right?

Of course. (My God is there a point to this I’m wondering)

So anyway……the pilot car turns to the ditch and to my amazement, the first car behind him follows him…….into the ditch and almost plows into his rear end.

Are you kidding?

No. And that’s not all. The next car in line follows the first car – misses the first two and plows into the property fence. Takes a whole section of it out.

At this point my jaw has dropped and as I’m staring in disbelief trying to digest the magnitude of stupidity I’ve just witnessed the third car in line follows the first two.

She frantically turns the wheel to avoid the first two and plows over the end of a culvert and rips out her oil pan. Oil all over the place.

Now my jaw has dropped. Omar…………you can’t be serious.

Serious as a heart attack. So now everything stops. Construction crew members are running over – cars are piled up on the side – the pilot car can’t move and the driver is standing by his truck, looking at the mess and yelling WTF is going on? Are you people crazy?

Nothing is moving and I know this is going to be a long wait.

You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.Scott Adams

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