Great Adventure – part 2

“Time goes by and distances work their way into any relationship” – “The Crossing” by Michael Connelly

Trying to recall, in detail, all that happened to us on that trip 54 years ago is difficult. Everything I write of actually happened but my command of the English language is too limited to accurately describe the poignancy of each event.

Bear with me.

After several days roaming the streets of Barcelona we heard about some Islands in the Mediterranean. The cost of a round trip by ship was reasonable and the idea of sailing to Ibiza and romping around the Island for a few days sounded like a great idea.

So……………..we boarded a ship and sailed into the sunset.


I don’t recall the exact length of the journey but seems it took about 5 hours. During that time we roamed the ship, relaxed in deck chairs, had a few beers and attempted to converse with people from all over the globe. Or so it seemed.

And then……we reached our destination……..IBIZA.



This is where my memory begins to fail. I know we rented a room. And scooters.

Four American teenage boys. Loose on an Island. Nude beaches. Pretty girls. Beer.

Is this a recipe for disaster? Fun? Both?

Well, we wrecked a scooter when one of us missed a turn at 50 – slid into a shallow ditch and shot out the other side like Evil Knievel jumping the Grand Canyon.

Our buddy survived but the scooter………….not so much.

That took some explaining at the rental place.

The narrow escape from a rip tide that almost dragged one of us away. That was scary but ended well.

And day 1 on Ibiza ended.

Four American teen age boys. Loose on a Mediterranean Island. And quickly running out of cash.

To be continued…………….

“Everyone is a bore to someone. That is unimportant. The thing to avoid is being a bore to oneself.”

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3 Responses to Great Adventure – part 2

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  2. Wow! We shall have to talk as I also have an Ibiza adventure!


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