“Life is amazingly tenacious” – “The Martian” by Andy Weir

12/26/15. We leave a day earlier than planned due to approaching winter storms. Travel will be dangerous. So, in several hours we head south.

This is my alone time. Ann and Gaby are still sleeping. So I’m thinking.

Thinking about a conversation with Ann. Yesterday, while Gaby napped, we had some father/daughter time. So we talked. And mused. And reflected on our good fortune.

This has been a wonderful visit with Ann and as we talked, in the back of my mind, a concern began to force its way to the surface.

At some point I said – “I wonder how many of these Christmas visits we have left.”

Ann was horrified and I regretted the comment.

But it’s true. We are running out of Christmases. Running out of time.

“Sometimes it’s not good to look around the corner in your own mind” – “House of the Rising Sun” by James Lee Burke

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5 Responses to Time

  1. I know what you mean….it kind of starts to hit you when you get close to 70 and find you are looking at the obits more and more. But, I am like Mark and will take all I can and grateful for every day. Especially if I get a call from Bob Badger and we laugh a lot.


  2. Mark Bass says:

    I figure I have less than ten Christmases left due to my heart disease. I am grateful every morning that I wake up and just try not to dwell on it. I don’t want to go but I am ready.


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